TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE – Social and Communication Training for Interaction with Deaf Children

In December 2020 we have launched our project TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE, funded by Lachezar Tsotsorkov Foundation. The project will be carried out within 12 months and we aim to provide social, communication and emotional support for deaf children with a view to their social inclusion.

We would like to address both the needs of deaf children, as well as those of their hearing peers, by providing suitable information, building mutual trust, developing a safe space for them to ask questions and discuss issues, shared activities. Although the focus is on deafness, we also aim to cover children with other communication, language and cognitive disorders. The project addresses the lack of understanding in the society about the problems of deafness and other communication disorders and the lack of adequate support to children and families.

The project will facilitate the overturning of the common perception of deafness as a curse and will contribute to providing support by interesting and accessible presentation of information, demonstrations, specialised advice, interactive activities, exchange of ideas and shared activities.

The project is funded by Lachezar Tsotsorkov Foundation.

Лого на Фондация „Лъчезар Цоцорков“

The project is carried out by:

Лого на Академия „Анди и Ая“ Лого на Института

Main objectives:

  • To outline information about deaf children and their social environment across the country, their challenges and problems;
  • To collect and compile varied information regarding deafness from different points of view with focus on social inclusion and social and communication training: (a) shared experience by deaf children and their families, (b) shared storied by their hearing peers, (c) shared stories by teachers and therapists, (d) professional advice;
  • To build a collection of educational and informational videos, interactive activities and additional materials, accessible for both deaf and hearing children, aimed for different age groups and with focus on social interaction and communication;
  • To develop a model for social and communication training and gradually extend the collection of resources to cover other disabilities which influence the social interaction, communication and language skills – autism, cognitive disorders, etc.

In this space we will be sharing our results.

All educational resources will be published on our platform.

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