Deaf Kids Power is a social enterprise whose main activity is to work on creating and developing more and wider educational opportunities for the children from the deaf community. Since 2017, Deaf Kids Power, in partnership with Listen Up Foundation, manages and develops the Andy and Aya Academy for deaf and hard-of-hearing children, as well as hearing children of deaf parents.

The education is only partially paid by parents (30-50% of the fees) and subsidised by donations and additional business activities – such as sales of products by Deaf Kids Power. The additional funds are all invested into the development of the Academy – for attracting more qualified staff, additional qualifications, creating new methodologies and educational courses, purchase of equipment and supporting materials, developing educational resources, including online interactive materials, creating new educational activities. Funds are invested also into developing new commercial educational products.

The following are a priority of Deaf Kids Power:

  • Education at the Andy and Aya Academy;
  • Development and distribution of educational materials and resources, including interactive resources for our online platform;
  • Creating books from the Adventures of Andy and Aya series;
  • New commercial educational products;
  • Informational campaigns and training for deaf children and youths.